We Can Repair Your Crystal and Glass Items
Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls We can repair many crystal and glass items. The rim of chipped glasses may be ground down to remove the damaged area - ideal if you have just one glass damaged in a set. All types of other repairs and refurbishments are undertaken.
For a family piece, an heirloom, an antique, part of a collection - or just a favourite crystal or glass item. This service is also widely used by antique collectors and traders who have crystal items requiring attention - or have purchased crystal from an antique sale or auction and wish to refurbish.

The Experts
MEL SIMMONS crystal and glass repairsMr Mel Simmons. One of the leading British Master Craftsmen with 40 years experience in the crystal and glass industry. An expert crystal cutter/decorator, engraver and renovator he personally undertakes all types of repairs to crystal and glass.
Mel is a Director at Warwick Crystal Designs and repairs are conducted in their extensive workshops.

Your Repair Enquiry
Please check with us by telephone, message or personal visit that your repair is possible. After confirmation that the repair can be effected, the item can be sent to us and we will usually return in 5 to 10 days, depending on the extent of the repair required. Please note that although we take every care when repairing and the vast majority of repairs are successful, the customer must accept all risks of loss or damage
BY TELEPHONE   please telephone 07505 355861
If you have a photo or drawing, please attach a picture showing the area requiring attention. This will help us to assess the feasibility of repair.
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If you have more than one photo, it may be easier to send me an email with your enquiry and all images attached.
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You are welcome to visit the workshop (Tuesday-Thursday 10.30am to 4pm, Friday 10.30am-3pm) in Leamington Spa for a free appraisal of any damaged item. We will advise if repairs are feasible.
See below for address and location maps
Location of Workshops
Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls
Repairs are conducted at the Warwick Crystal Designs workshops
7 Campion Terrace
Leamington Spa
Warwickshire, CV32 4SU
Opening Times
Tues-Thurs 10.30am to 4pm
Friday 10.30am-3pm
Weekends Closed
(unless by prior appointment)

Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls,Repair Crystal Vases,Repair Crystal Tankards,Waterford Crystal Repairs,Doulton Crystal Repairs,Edinburgh Crystal Repairs,Brierley Crystal Repairs,Baccarat Crystal Repairs,Swarovski Crystal Repairs,Hand Cut Crystal Repairs,Bloomed Glasses Repolished,Broken Feet Repaired,Restore Crystal,Restore Glass,Refurbish Crystal,Refurbish Glass,Antique Glass Repairs,Antique Crystal Repairs

Repair Examples
Three of the many items we have repaired
Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls
Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls
Repair Crystal Glasses,Repair Crystal Decanters,Repair Crystal Bowls
Services Include
Repair Crystal Glasses
Repair Crystal Decanters
Repair Crystal Bowls
Repair Crystal Vases
Repair Crystal Tankards
Waterford Crystal Repairs
Doulton Crystal Repairs
Edinburgh Crystal Repairs
Brierley Crystal Repairs
Baccarat Crystal Repairs
Swarovski Crystal Repairs
Hand Cut Crystal Repairs
Bloomed Glasses Repolished
Broken Feet Repaired
Restore Crystal
Restore Glass
Refurbish Crystal
Refurbish Glass
Antique Glass Repairs
Antique Crystal Repairs

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